Title: Dragon Flight
Featuring: Wondrous Mental Dragon
Date: 15th March 2020
Location: Delta Flight: DAL3104
Show: Livewire: 03/25/2020

Let me tell you a little something about me. My name is Wondrous Mental Dragon and I'm on a mission from the future....

The scene opens to show rows of people sat down uncomfortably close to each other, the seats arranged in a regular pattern. People of all ages and race attempt and fail to sit comfortably in this elongated room which is obviously a commercial plane of some sort.  The majority of the people look irritated and some seem nervous at the face that someone is loudly speaking towards the back left side of the plane.  The camera moves closer to reveal that the loud speaker is Wondrous Mental Dragon, who is sat next to an older bespectacled lady with white hair who doesn't seem even slightly concerned to be so close to an heavy set man wearing some sort of dragon mask.  WMD is gesturing but then his suddenly pauses and turns to the old lady and asks.

WMD: I'm sorry Maggie, I forgot what I was saying?

Maggie: Oh it's ok dear, happens to me all the time.  You were talking about how you're from the future.

WMD gives the lady a big thumbs up and he resumes talking as she politely smiles and nods.

WMD: Oh yeah that was it.  My name is Wondrous Mental Dragon and I'm from the future. I'm from the year 2045 and I'm here to prevent a catastrophe from happening, I've seen horrible things and I'm here to stop them. Since 2030 I've been a involuntary member of the Chinese Championship Wrestling Association which was part of the Immigration & Celebration Entertainment program imposed by the ruling Chinese government, CCWA and ICE for short.  These were put in place in order to provide entertainment for the upper classes who profited from developing the cure. It's funny they called it "Wrestling" but it was more like gladiator's fighting in a Roman coliseum but without the weapons.

Maggie: You were forced to fight?

WMD: Well, after the virus and wars turned the world upside down it was the only way to survive and because I wasn't a Chinese citizen, I just didn't have the same rights that I had before China took control over the UK and the US.  So that left me only one option, I had to fight to live.  Each win meant food in my belly and somewhere to rest, I'm not proud of it but it's what I had to do.

WMD sighs, pausing a moment and then begins to speak again.

WMD: Before the wars, I worked for a secret organization where I worked to prevent O.R.E.'s from causing any harm to the world. 

Maggie: Whores? You stopped sex workers? Honey, it's 2020! Things have changed and you should keep an open mind about those sorta things.  They say it's the oldest profession you know.

WMD: My vision is fine and No, I don't mean whores, I mean O.R.E.'s. O--R--E's, Other Realm Entities. I'm talking about stuff like monsters, demons and evil things like that.  We worked to defend against them and the devastation they could cause across the world.  When I was in New York, I'm pretty sure that I saw an ORE on a poster which has led me on this journey to UTA. 

Maggie: This sounds very interesting, I can't remember did you say it was a movie or a tv show? What's it called? Is it on Netflix?

WMD shakes his head, his mask hiding his exasperation.

WMD: No this is real life, not a tv show.  Why else would I travel back in time to 2010? I've done this so I can work to stop Brexit before it begins, which in turn should stop the virus from happening and then I get can back to tracking down O.R.E.'s.

Maggie: I'm sorry deary, but if you're wanting prostitutes you've picked the wrong place.  You're going to find it very difficult to find one in Utah.

Seemingly alerted by one of the other passengers, a female member of the cabin crew appears at the end of the row in which WMD and the old lady sits.  The employee bends over towards the two of them and begins to speak.

Cabin Crew Member: I'm sorry, but we've had some complaints concerning the volume and content of your discussion could you please keep it down?  We'll be arriving shortly, if you wouldn't mind keeping your voices down it would be much appreciated.

WMD and the elderly lady nod their heads to confirm their understanding as the cabin crew member walks away cautiously. Moments later a single bell chimes and voice is heard all around the room.

Voice: Ladies and gentlemen, we have just been cleared to land at Salt Lake City International Airport, please ensure that your seatbelt is securely fastened and a flight attended will be with you shortly to collect any remaining cups and glasses.  Once again, we would like to thank you for choosing Delta.

WMD: Shit! Did she say Salt Lake City? I needed to get to UTA! 

Maggie the old lady sat next to WMD places her hand on his forearm in an attempt to calm the man down and softly speaks.

Maggie: That's right, Salt Lake City is in Utah. In fact, Salt Lake City is the capital city of Utah.

WMD: No not Utah, I need to get to UTA. U-T-A, it's a wrestling company I'm sure there are O.R.E.'s there!

Maggie: Why is a nice young man like you, obsessed with hookers? It's 2020, life isn't all about sex you know?

WMD: Maggie! Goddamn it, I'm not talking about prostitutes I'm talking about monsters, bad people, evil things, Other Realm Entities!  We've already gone over this, I'm going to U-T-A to fight the bad guys!

The cabin crew member returns and this time she wears a stern expression on her face and speaks with authority.

Cabin Crew Member: Sir! Please lower your voice and comply to the instructions given by my colleague.  

WMD holds his hands up, palm facing out indicating his submission to the employee's request.  As the formerly stern faced crew member smiles as Maggie and then continues on her way, WMD leans over to Maggie and speaks softly.

WMD: Wait, what year did you say it was?

Maggie: It's 2020 dear, why?

WMD leans forward, resting his head in his hands before rocking his head backwards and screaming into the overhead luggage bins above him.

WMD: DOUBLE SHIT! Like I said earlier, I thought I'd traveled back in time to 2010 not 2020.  I've been wandering around for a month thinking I had plenty of time to stop it, but now it's far too late to stop Brexit and I bet the virus is already spreading.

Maggie: I'm afraid so dear, there's lots of people who are worried about the coronavirus, there's panic buying and everything. People are able to make furniture out of toilet paper they've bought so much of it, but that's meant there's no where enough for other people.

WMD: They're already buying all the bog roll? Triple shit! I'm too late, I can't stop the future.

As scene fades WMD slumps forward while the kind old lady pats him gently on the shoulders, all while the plane begins it's descent into the city of Salt Lake.

Hookers. There aren't many hookers in Salt Lake City, but I've heard there's many in Las Vegas or at least that's what the old lady told me. When I get to Vegas I'm not looking for a hooker, well.... that's not exactly true. 

You see in wrestling years gone by, a "hooker" was a legitimate tough guy who could seriously cripple you with a submission or a stretch and of course you also have the term "ripper" which was someone who didn't care about the match, his only intent was to maul you and probably put you out of the wrestling business.

Funnily enough back in the day "rippers" and "hookers" were people who were under the umbrella term "shooter". When you think about it the universe has a funny way of connecting the dots sometimes, I've somehow gone from O.R.E's to "Whores" to "Hookers" to "Shooters". So while I may have made some mistakes in my mission to return to the past and fix the future, I know I can still make a difference in this world and that's gonna start when I take you on Mr Shooter.

You're a tough biscuit Shooter, from what I can tell you're not a Shooter McGavin sorta guy from Happy Gilmore, some soft rich fella. You've worked for years, hard tough years and fought for everything you've got, but the universe has not been kind to you. I know what it's like, I've survived two wars, being locked up in a confinement centre and was fighting for my life in brutal battles against O.R.E.'s as part of work with the Bureau of Other Realm Entity Defense.

There are old stories of dragons roaming the countryside terrorizing towns until a mighty warrior appears and slays the dragon. Let me say this right now and I'll make it perfectly clear, I am not that dragon and you are not that warrior.

But I'm not discounting your ability, at Livewire we're gonna prove something to each other and together I think we're gonna show that old dogs can learn new tricks.  

Shooter. I'll be seeing you in Vegas, as long as I can get outta Utah in time.

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