Title: Sports Radio
Featuring: Mikey Unlikely
Date: 03/13
Location: KBAD 920 AM Sports Radio.
Show: WrestleUTA on FITE: Rebirth

The scene opens to the inside of a recording radio station. The neon sign that hangs in the corner reads, "KBAD 920 AM SPORTS RADIO" Two men sit in front of Microphones, the one on the left is a heavier set gentlemen. He sits behind a pair of glasses and a salt and pepper goatee. He wears a black polo shirt, tucked into a pair of blue jeans. His black hair parted and combed to one side. His partner/ neighbor is also a gentleman who appears to be in his 50's, with large ears and the same comb over, with some front side balding going on. The man also wearing a polo shirt, and has it tucked into a nice pair of khakis. These two men, form one of the more famous local radio duos in the Las Vegas area. Every Monday through Friday between the hours of 3p and 7p, they host the "WrestleTalk with Andy & Steve" show. The men seem to not be currently on the air, as Andy (the heavier of the two) sips his coffee mug, while Steve is shuffling through the schedule and notes. Radio commercials can be heard in the background at low volume, and you can tell they are currently on a sponsorship break.


A young female intern in a grey skirt and blue blouse, lightly knocks on the window to grab both men's attention. As they both look up at her, she smiles and gives a thumbs up. They both nod, and get ready to get back on the air. 

Ad Man: "Credibility, reliability, and a dedication to covering Las Vegas area Wrestling. This is WrestleTalk! The most experienced Wrestling radio show in the state of Nevada. From the Banger Brewing studios of Cumulus Broadcasting, This is Wrestletalk! With Andy Wilson and Steve Henry. On THE SPORTS ANIMAL!"

Mikey Unlikely enters the screen walking in the door to the radio studio. He is wearing a pair or dark blue jeans, and a all black tshirt, and an all black hat backwards with the phrase "#POLO" on it . He slides into a chair with a microphone in front of it, and shakes both men's hands as the ad comes to a close.

Andy: "Welcome to WrestleTalk on this Thursday afternoon! With Steve Henry, I'm Andy Wilson. We have a ton of good stuff coming your way this afternoon, including an interview with Midget Wrestling Booker Hen Balkum... That will be in the 4 o clock hour. We will also have a KBAD exclusive one on one with former University of Nevada QB and Wrestling fan, Colin Kaepernick, But first, we are going to be joined shortly in studio by professional Wrestler, Mikey Unlikely. How are we doing today Steve?"

Steve: "Doing great Andy, I'm excited for this incredible show we have lined up today! This is why I love my job, folks! First up let's talk about Banger Brewing! Cold, Refreshing and delicious, with a beer to suit every kind of beer drinker! Whether it be the Haze and Loathing IPA, or the Beer Shot Ale, Or the Morning Joseph Kolsch. This next segment was sponsored by Banger.  To preface this interview ladies and gentleman, please allow me to introduce WrestleUTA. The returning promotion that was formerly broadcast on Hulu, is back for another run. Now basing their headquarters out of Las Vegas, they plan to scale things back a bit and try to find their niche in wrestling. Las Vegas is happy to have them! You can find more information, including tickets at, but today we’re joined by former WrestleUTA World Champion, and Hollywood actor, Mikey Unlikely, Mikey how are you doing today? 

Mikey: "Hey guys, doing great, happy to be here. Thanks for having me on."

Andy: "Absolutely, It's our pleasure. What have you thought of the Las Vegas area, since you arrived here a few months ago?"

Mikey: "Well, the women are beautiful, the food delicious, and the people kind! The landscape is gorgeous, and history is very deep here in our sport. Vegas has always been a big professional wrestling area. It's been a joy, and I've experienced much success since arriving."

Steve: "I would say so, You were slated to have a match in the FWF but that didn’t go down as planned, and out of the ashes of the Fans Wrestling Federation, the UTA was reborn. I’m excited to see you get back in the ring and get another crack at the UTA World Championship that you never lost last time!"

Andy: "Uh-oh, Do we have a closet fan here Steve?"

Steve: "Haha, You could say I had to see it to believe it, as I was one of the people in attendance that night. What a great show that was, I also preordered the DVD while there! "

Mikey: "Woah, that is excellent Steve! I'm glad to see we have caught your attention."

Steve: "Oh absolutely, Unfortunately UTA has been shut down for awhile now a little over two years, so I’m very excited to see who’s coming back as well as some new faces, you guys have two shows… Livewire and WrestleUTA  on Fite both taking place from right here in Las Vegas.”

Mikey: "Well, Guys, its been real fun, but I guess I can go!"

Andy: "Why is that? I thought we had you booked another 10 minutes!?"

Mikey: "Well you do, but Steve is doing all the promoting for me, so i thought I could take off"

All 3 men laugh

Steve: "Tell us a little about WrestleUTA from the 'Locker Room Perspective'?"

Mikey: "WOW, what can you say!? I mean it's wonderful. For everything FWF lacked in pyrotechnics, special effects, and celebrity presence, WrestleUTA will more than make up for it in professionalism, INCREDIBLE booking, and the most pure young raw talent I have ever seen. We have your characters covered from front to back. We have men and women's intergender wrestling, dynamic story lines, and innovative action. We have legends like Myself, Bobby Dean, Cancer Jiles, and Vets like Shawn Kutter, Crazies like Kentucky Tarzan, something for everyone.”

Andy: "Quite the endorsement! If you're just tuning in we're sitting here with WrestleUTA superstar Mikey Unlikely. Now Mikey, You’ve got a match on the first show back... Elaborate on that."

Mikey: "Oh yea man, When I came into WrestleUTA, it was after a long hiatus from wrestling. I knew I needed to shake off what they call "ring rust". I knew I couldn't gun for the big prize right away, which is our WrestleUTA Championship despite my name value. So i was placed in a four way match in the first show back. I for one, am very excited for the opportunity, and to show I’ve still got it. I’m not an old man you know!"

Steve: "I'm telling you Andy, you gotta check out this Best of DVD! Mikey Unlikely is the World’s Greatest Sports the world! I love that line."

Andy: You will have to let me borrow it Steve! Now Mikey, your big match is coming up and it looks like it’s you versus Kentucky Tarzan, versus Bobby Dean, versus Cancer Jiles. That’s a hell of a match up on paper! "

Mikey: "Yea the whole show is stacked. This will be our 1st TV show back but we’ve got a lot of experience where it counts. It’s also going to be the first time in a few years that I have to take on 3 opponents at once! Looking at the match on paper, it would seem that Bobby Dean and Cancer Jiles may be heavily favored due to their friendship but in all actuality, no match in WrestleUTA really has an underdog. The competition is that close. I have a TON of history with Bobby Dean too, and quite a bit of influence over him, he’s like a lost dog you know!"

Steve: "Come on Mikey, Tell us how you really feel, touch on your opponents? Let’s start with that, Bobby Dean. LONG ago you were stablemates with Bobby Dean when the short lived but ultra fun WTFC teamed up. What are your thoughts on Bobby?"

Mikey: "Bobby Dean! My good old friend and pal. He means well. Bobby is a very dangerous man if you can upset him, the problem is, it’s not easy to do! Bobby is a veteran of this game, he’s been wrestling longer than I have by a mile. He’s seen things I haven’t encountered…in the ring and in the strip club… One slip in a match with Bobby, he lands on you, and you’re not kicking out of that one brother, let me tell ya. "

The three men laugh in unison once more.

Mikey: “But Bobby also has stayed pretty stagnant over the years. He’s content with being a sideshow, a blip in the radar. He wants to be on the show, win or lose, and make a scene. That’s great… wrestling needs guys like that! That’s not me Andy, not me Steve… I plan on being the top dog in the UTA, and its going to take making a statement with guys like Bobby Dean. He is out of shape, he is slow, and he’s not half as serious as I am. I have to do what I have to do regardless of old friendships.”

"Kentucky Tarzan. I wish the guy would burn a blu.....”

Andy: "Woah Mikey, we can't be saying that on the air here, we have sponsors to uphold."

Mikey: "My apologies gentlemen. Either way, I know KT is a phenomenal athlete, with a huge heart, but I have a reputation to uphold. I have a championship, that I intend to carry with me to every show, week in and week out. I am one of the few "faces of WrestleUTA". I won't be laying down for anyone, especially a guy who runs around Kentucky on vines. Another character for you guys. A great person for the kids to gravitate towards. He’s a wild man, one who’s unpredictable and a little scary.  He’s a guy who is a complete wildcard in UTA. Could he be a champion? Could he be the best pure fighter in the ring? Too soon to tell, All I know is you have to keep an eye on him at all times. You can’t sleep on Tarzan. I don’t intend to. “

Steve: "Ok, Enough...Cancer Jiles."

Mikey: "Hahaha, a little impatient Steve? I have more respect for this opponent than I do for most workers in this business period. I’m not quite sure if I’m the lost eGG Bandit, or if Cancer is the lost WTFC member, but it’s all the same I guess. We both had great partnerships with Doozer and Bobby Dean, so I have to assume we would also be great friends. I guess I just see that fire in him! Everybody who gets in that ring, has talent. However, not everyone has "IT". I have "IT", Jiles has "IT", Hell, even Stephen King's It had "IT". An undeniable talent, a roaring fire in the eyes, the ability to engage the audience, it's incredible to watch, and even though we are yet to tango, I have a feeling this has potential to be a lot of fun. I feel like I have one thing over Jiles however, now and in the future... my prime.

This is a man who came out of retirement to make a debut in WrestleUTA. He left the industry, and when the time was right he wanted a resurgence. When I debuted in WrestleUTA, the world knew Mikey Unlikely the actor, but no one remembered the wrestler. Everyone wanted the entertainer, but I wanted to be the undeniable best. I love my fans, and I am so thankful for their backing, because without them I would not be the star I am today. However, I still wonder how many are fans of Mikey the wrestler vs Mikey the entertainer. It doesn't bother me too much, because I know as time goes on, I will become more known for wrestling. Its only been a few months, but I'm already seeing the #POLO bumper stickers on cars around Vegas. I am already getting cat calls, and yelled at as I drive around campus of UofN. It's been wonderful! When I got here my mind was going 10,000 MPH. I wanted to win, I wanted to impress, I wanted to be the best. I wanted to fight, and I wanted blood! Since that time, I got my head right. Now its all about maintenance. I’m excited guys, and ready to go!”

Andy: "You heard it here first folks. KBAD 920 AM SPORTS RADIO! Mikey Unlikely, We want to thank you so much for coming down and talking with us, and remember folks, Don't forget to check out WrestleUTA in person at FWF Studios, in Las Vegas, Nevada, check your local listings. For Steve Henry, I'm Andy Wilson, We will be right back after this word from our sponsor!"

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